The company is a comprehensive group company with import and export trade as its main business and business, investment and real estate as secondary businesses. Since the company was restructured in 1997, it has been developing foreign trade with good reputation, excellent service, excellent team and active pioneering spirit. The group imports and exports over 600 million US dollars annually.
The company's main products are: textile and apparel fabrics, leather light industrial products, sports outdoor leisure products, home electronics products, hardware machinery products, chemical building materials products, nearly a thousand kinds of goods, but also engaged in economic information consulting services, real estate development business, industrial Product manufacturing and other services, customers in more than 150 countries and regions around the world; major export countries and regions mainly in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, in recent years, South Asia, South America and Africa are gradually increasing It has been ranked first in Jiaxing for 11 consecutive years, and has been a top 500 service industry nationwide for five consecutive years. It is the vice chairman unit of Zhejiang International Chamber of Commerce.
The group company has more than 500 employees and has high-quality management talents and excellent foreign trade salesmen. A fast and convenient network communication system and computer service system have been established, and a computer program development team has been established. It can safely and accurately serve the group company and realize remote mobile office and data sharing methods. In the internal management of the company, the company pays attention to the internal quality management system and the construction of corporate integrity. It has passed ISO9001 certification for nine consecutive years. It has been awarded the AAA grade enterprise of Chinese textile business and the credit rating AAA grade enterprise of the Ministry of Commerce for five consecutive years. Grade A companies, Jiaxing Customs A companies, and Zhejiang Industry and Commerce Bureau's contract AA companies.
While continuing to seek international, professional, and large-scale development, the Group actively strives to explore diversified development. There are currently seven professional foreign trade companies, as well as dozens of other types of controlling and participating companies, such as Jiaxing Liangyou Investment Development Co., Ltd., Jiaxing Liangyou Real Estate Co., Ltd., Jiaxing Sitong Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Jiaen Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
The concept of corporate development is "integrity, pragmatism, enthusiasm and excellence". The quality management system is the guarantee for the survival of the company. The company explores new modes of operation in terms of internal management, brand strategy implementation, market development and development, high-quality service satisfaction, and diligent and dedicated construction. Establishing the “Layo” brand is a goal that we are working hard for, and we will be driven by integrity. Keep pace with the times, create a new space for development of good friends in the world.